Over 5000 Entrance Exam Questions (Multiple Choice Questions)

The Power of Self Assessment Helps You Build Your Confidence for Entrance Exam.


Entrance examination is the control measure applied to ensure that only students who qualify or pass certain categories are capable students and admitted to the college. So we (Entrance Exam Nepal) are providing this platform for the students to help them in passing this examination. EEN is providing entrance preparation services to students for all medical related subjects in different colleges such as Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS), Kathmandu School of Medical Science (KUSMS), B.P Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPKIHS) and Institute of Medicine (IOM), Ministry of Education (MOE), Indian Embassy etc.


Benefits of Our System:

If you want to have a good idea of what’s on the Entrance Exam ahead of time. A test exam won’t list every single question that actually appears on the real test. However, you’ll have a better idea of what material will be covered when you do take the actual Entrance Test. A combination of a good practice test and close attention to study guides will help you retain more of what you read from textbooks. An advantage of the practice exam is that the questions address real-life issues that every Doctor / Nurses / Pharmacists / Dentist aide is likely to deal with at some point. After looking over the Practice Exam, you should try to answer each question. The multiple-choice format gives you fairly challenging choices. Of the choices offered, only one will be the most correct answer.

A suggested study practice is to take note of exactly which questions you’ve missed and write them down. Check your notes and textbook index so you know where to go look for possible answers.After you’ve studied the areas you’ve missed, take the practice exam again. When you answer all the questions correctly, you’ll be more likely to pass with a good score when you take the real test.